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Are you unsure of your destiny?

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10, "For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago". This verse tells us that God has a plan and purpose for our lives and it is a good one. He has a destiny that He planned before the world was made!

Having a sense of destiny or calling has greatly impacted my life and changed it for the better. However, this hasn't always been the case. For many years I was like Moses and the people of Israel wandering around in the desert, I had no idea what my calling or destiny was, and moved from one job to another never being fulfilled. As time panned out I found there were certain things that I was "drawn" to and just couldn't let go of, but to get to that point I found there was some questions I asked myself that really helped. In this article I want to share those questions.

1. What are you passionate about?

When someone is really passionate about something it shows. I have to admit that I love watching the West Coast Eagles AFL team play. Whether I am at the game or watching at home, I am usually pretty involved. I find myself jumping about and cheering loudly when they score a goal. Let me just say that it is fairly obvious which team I am going for!

The same goes for my calling or destiny. I am very passionate about telling people that God loves them and wants to a part of their lives. I am also very passionate about encouraging people on their walk with God and helping people to be more effective in sharing their faith. These things drive me and is the major reason why I am involved with PASSION Australia. This passion moves me to action and I am compelled to do something about it. What are you passionate about? What drives or moves you to action?

2. What naturally flows out of you?

Another good way of finding your destiny is to reflect on what naturally flows out of you. By "flows out" I mean, what sort of things do you naturally do well and come easy to you?

Imagine if you are a teenager who is five foot six inches tall, with a solid build and you can do one hundred push ups or chin ups with ease. It would be fairly safe to say that you might be a good gymnast or bodybuilder. Or perhaps you are a naturally bubbly person who loves talking to people, there is a good chance you might work in customer service or greet people as they come into church. What naturally flows out of you can be a key to finding your destiny. The key to remember is God has made you a certain way to do certain things. It would make sense that the things you do well would point towards your calling or destiny path from God.

3. What do others see in you?

Mature Christians like your Pastor, your family members or other leaders in your church can be a great source of wisdom and encouragement and they can also help you to find your calling or destiny.

I remember several years ago I met with my senior pastor. He said that he believed I had an evangelistic calling on my life. Part of his reasoning was that he noticed the things I was passionate about and what came naturally from me, but it was also part of his gifting to recognise and release people into ministry. That conversation gave me the confidence to move forward when I felt God speak to me about founding PASSION Australia. He recognised my calling and encouraged and released me into that area.

4. What has the Scripture said to you?

Over the years I have had a number of occasions when the Bible has spoken to me. By spoken I mean that a certain passage or verse really seemed to jump off the page to me and it gave me some direction or guidance.

One example happened about ten years ago. I was up early one morning in my study reading my Bible. I prayed and then I had a feeling that I should turn to the New Testament book of Second Corinthians. As I flicked through the pages I came to the passage 2 Corinthians 5:17-20. As I looked it seemed like a light came upon the text and the words increased in size. It was almost like they jumped off the page. The words talked about being reconciled to God and then God giving us the ministry of reconciliation. It was one of those special moments that was a confirming moment for my calling.

5. What is hidden away inside of you?

Many people daydream about doing something great. They dream about making their mark on this world in some way. The only problem with these dreams is that they are locked away inside and they never see the light of day and sadly no-one ever hears about them.

I believe that at times we have dreams in our heart that are actually placed there by God. Sometimes our daydreams are just that, but at other our dreams are actually part of God's will for our lives. I found that I had things stored away inside of me that I just couldn't let go off, they just kept coming back to my mind over and over. Some actually were secretly hidden in there for years before I prayerfully shared them with others. Once I did share them with others they were able to encourage me and I was able to prayerfully step out and take some baby steps to seeing them come to pass. The hidden dreams in our hearts might be a key to finding your destiny.


So wherever you are, I would encourage you to prayerfully seek God for your destiny. Remember to look at the things your are passionate about, look at what flows from you naturally, seek the counsel from the people God has placed around you and ask yourself if any passages from the Bible have really spoken to you about your destiny.


Dear God,
I thank You that Your are a God who has a plan and destiny for my life. I also thank You that the Bible says You have plans prosper me and not harm me. I pray and ask that in the coming weeks and months that You will speak to me about my destiny and the plan You have for my life. When You do God, I pray that You will help me to step out in faith and do the things You want me to do. In Jesus' name, Amen.

By Dave Quinn
Founder PASSION Australia








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