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The priceless value of knowing Christ


Today we are continuing in our series from Philippians and we are looking at chapter three. The title of my message is “The priceless value of knowing Christ”. So far, we have seen…

  1. Paul was thankful for the Philippians and he prayed that they would grow in their faith.
  2. Paul was thankful that Christ was being preached. Even though he was in prison.
  3. Paul lived his life for Christ. To Paul to live is Christ, to die is gain.
  4. Paul asked them to live as citizens of heaven. He wanted them to represent Christ well.
  5. Have the attitude of Christ – be unified, be interested in others, be humble.
  6. Shine brightly for Christ – continue to shine whether Paul is with them or not.
  7. Paul commended Timothy – he cared for the Philippians, he cared for Christ’s work, he helped Paul greatly.
  8. Paul commended Epaphroditus – a true brother, a co-worker, a fellow soldier, and a messenger in his need.

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