March 4th, 2021

We have prepared these FAQs for you as much of the feedback we received via email falls into one of these answers. This should help you to find our more about our ministry and answer some of those questions you may have had.

Q. Are you able to come and minister in our country outside Australia?

A. No. God has placed a strong burden for the people of Australia on our hearts and we are doing our best fulfill the work God has called us to here in Australia. Because of this we are unable to minister outside Australia.

Q. Can you send me some tracts, booklets or money to me?

A. No. Due to our small budget we are unable to send money or booklets out to people.

Q. Can I print and use one of your booklets for my church Bible study or to disciple someone?

A. Yes you can use our materials for your church Bible study or to disciple a new Christian.

Q. Can we contact you at PASSION Australia?

A. Not at the moment. We found that over 95% of emails we received were spam or phishing, so we prayerfully made a decision not to have a feed back form or comments on our posts.

Q. Why call the ministry PASSION Australia?

A. PASSION Australia is the name given to us by God after asking for a name to the ministry vision He gave me back in November 1998. We asked what we should call this and that is what He said.

Q. Why do you spell PASSION in capital letters?

A. The letters of P.A.S.S.I.O.N. stand for “Preaching And Saving Souls In Our Nation”.

Q. Can I have a link to my website added to your links page?

A. Most of the links on the links page are websites we use regularly and recommend them to others.

Q. Do you allow advertising on your website?

A. No. We have made a prayerful decision not to advertise or make money from this website as we want these resources to be freely available.