Let God recycle your pain

Pain and suffering are some of the hardest things we face in life. They can be depressing, debilitating and unbearable at times. But I believe God can recycle our pain for the good of others.

In my own life I have lived with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis, suffered periods of chronic depression, lost loved ones to suicide and cancer, struggled with self worth and self esteem issues, and my parents were divorced when I was very young.

Some of these were quite terrible and very difficult to move past, especially when I was young. Some are just normal things people go through in this life, but adding them together made life really tough for me mentally and physically.

In my teens when I was depressed and crippled with RA, I did not ever think I would be able to work, get married and have kids, buy a house and build a life. I thought I would be on a pension all of my life.

After coming to Jesus in my early twenties I started to see my life differently. I saw a purpose in my pain and suffering and how they had actually drawn me to Jesus. Without them I do not know where I would be now?

Looking back I can see how my experiences had taught me compassion. I learned what it was like to live with constant pain, suffering, grief, loss and depression. It gave me an understanding of people and the things we all go through.

Now I work as a School Chaplain I can use these experiences and understanding to be a blessing to others. I can walk along side our students and enter in to their pain. I can sit with them, talk with them, cry with them and offer support.

I can also offer hope, encouragement and positivity knowing that not only can they get through their painful times, that things can actually get better and life can turn around.

Today I want to say to you that no matter what you have been through, or are still going through, God can turn it around. He can help you find purpose in your pain and recycle it for the good of others.

I believe He can use you to be a great blessing to those around you. Just hang in there and look to Jesus. He can recycle your pain.