House church facination

I have always been interested in house churches. I attended one several times as a newish Christian and I just loved how relaxed and informal it was. There was a meal, singing, prayer, Bible reading and a lot of times to ask questions and talk about life following Jesus. I really enjoyed it a lot.

I recently found an article on about Starting a House Church by Larry Kreider and Floyd McClung. It is an excerpt of their book by the same name. It is one I recommended here.

In the article they list five things to consider when starting a house church. These areā€¦

1. Pray first

2. Know whom you are called to reach

3. The size of the house church matters

4. Meeting frequency

5. Meeting components

All of these make really good points and suggestions to think about from two very experienced leaders in house church circles.

The one that really jumped out at me was point 2 – Know who you are called to reach. They talk about having a vision to reach new Christians or people who are genuinely seeking God. But they found people who were Christians for a long time came along and that shaped the group.

I find the whole idea of house churches really fascinating. If you are interested in reading the full article, you can find it here.

God Bless,