Four things to remember when we sin

As Christians we all sin. No matter how hard we try to live right, we all stumble at times. We are all human and we live in a fallen world that is harassed by sin.

However there are four things that help me when I sin. I have shared these in my sermons over the last few years and I thought I would share them here.

  1. God looked for man when he sinned in the Garden of Eden – Genesis 3:8 tells us God called out to man to find him. Even after the first sin, God pursued Adam.
  2. Jesus died for our sins – Romans 5:8 says that Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. He paid the price for our sin.
  3. God gave us a way to get right with Him – 1 John 1:9 tells us that God provided confession as a way to get right with Him when we fall short.
  4. We have an Advocate in heaven – 1 John 2:1 reminds us that when we sin Jesus pleads our case before the Father in Heaven.

These things help me to remember that God is on my side. He knows I will fall short at times and He has provided ways for us to be right with Him.

These four things give me comfort knowing that when I sin, forgiveness and restoration is just a prayer of confession away.

God Bless,