Books that impacted me part 5

I have always been interested in house churches. I love reading about them and hearing the impact they make in communities.

Over the years I have always enjoyed the mid week home group or Bible study more than church on Sunday. I just like the way you can get to know people better and pray with others in the smaller setting.

One book I have really enjoyed in Starting a House Church. It is full of practical advice and stories of how they are changing the world. It has always made so much sense to me when I read about them.

Here is the blurb…

There’s a new way of doing church and it’s taking North America by storm! Here a recognized authority on the house church movement and a popular speaker and pastor share their expertise in starting and maintaining a healthy house church. Together they look at current and future trends in the house church movement and provide best practice models for planting and leading house churches. Also, they explore how house churches are not always the same as simple cell-groups or small groups, especially in the areas of leadership and money. Readers will discover all the information they need to begin a house church in their community.