Life before the internet?

Do you remember life before the internet?

Todays WordPress question was “Do we remember life before the internet”. I am old enough to say yes, but I have to admit only vaguely.

The main thing that comes to mind is doing studies before the internet. You had to go to a library and use books lol! I can remember getting an assignment for Bible college and then rushing to the library to get the best books.

The other things about times before the internet is actually going to see people to ask questions, to pay bills or to stay in contact with them. These days we can do all this online and we can do it from our couch.

So do I prefer life now with the internet or then without it? I guess both have there positives or negatives, but I have to say I enjoy the connection to people and information the internet gives us today.

How about you? Do you remember life before the internet? And if you do, which do you prefer?