What book can I read again?

What book could you read over and over again?

Today’s WordPress question of the day is “What book could I read over and over again?” Hands down it is the Bible for me.

In saying that though, the Bible is a collection of 66 books. So if I had to drill down further it would be the Book of Luke from the Bible.

Why Luke? Luke covers all of Jesus’ life, miracles, interactions with all types of people, His death and resurrection.

Here is a snippet from my study Bible about Luke…

“Luke is the most comprehensive of the Gospels. Its general vocabulary and diction show that the author was educated. He makes frequent references to illnesses and diagnoses. Luke stresses Jesus’ relationships with people; emphasizes prayer, miracles, and angels; records inspired hymns of praise; and gives a prominent place to women. Most of 9:51–18:35 is not found in any other Gospel.”

I guess as a relational person, who loves to prayer and hearing about the miracles of Jesus, it makes sense.

The other reason I love Luke so much it has a sequel by the same author – the Book of Acts. You can read Luke and Acts together and get a good understanding of Jesus’ life and what the early church was like.

So what book could I read over and over. The Bible, but more precisely the Book of Luke.