Best compliment?

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

For me the compliments I remember and the ones that come when I am feeling a bit flat or low in spirit. They seem to make it through and touch my heart.

A few weeks ago someone I know well and have worked with said this to me, “You have a real gift of pastoral care. Wherever I go to work where you have been, the people rave about your care and compassion”.

The person did not realise at the time, but I needed that compliment more than they knew. It was more than I knew too! When I got home I shed a few tears of thankfulness and appreciation that my work was making a difference.

As someone who has worked as a Pastor, Companion Carer and now a Chaplain, we do what we do in response to the call and gifting God has given us. But sometimes, we need encouragement from the people around us too. It builds us up and encourages us to keep serving.

So, on that day, at that time. Hearing someone say those words really touched my heart. It lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep pressing on in my service to God by loving and serving others.