Writings like straw

I read this today about Thomas Aquinas and his vision from heaven…

Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) was one of the church’s most celebrated defenders of the faith. Yet just three months before his death, something caused him to leave unfinished his Summa Theologica, the massive legacy of his life’s work. While reflecting on the broken body and shed blood of his Savior, Aquinas claimed to see a vision that left him without words. He said, “I can write no more. I have seen things that make my writings seem like straw.”

Imagine sitting down to write a summary of your theology as you were coming to the end of your life. It would be classed as your life’s most important work. Then having a vision from heaven that was so amazing, that anything you wrote after that seemed like straw!

His vision must have been truly amazing to render anything he wrote as straw in his eyes. Oh that we would all have a vision so amazing!