My solitary place

A number of places in the Bible we see that Jesus went off to a solitary place to pray. Mark 1:35 says He did it early in the morning. His desire was to go and be alone with His Father in heaven.

I have a few solitary places I go to be alone with God in prayer. The photo above is one of the places. It is up on a Peak that overlooks our town. Depending on which way I go to get there, it can take 15 minutes or 45 minutes to walk to it. One is steep and quick and the other one is slow and winding.

Sometimes I go to this place once a week and spend some time in prayer. This is usually in the cooler months of the year. At other times it is less often, but I go up there when I need space to hear from God, especially when I need wisdom (see James 1:5).

As it is up high I can see most of my town, farming land or a forrest depending on which way I look. Not only does it get me away from work, but it slows me down. It has a way of calming me and centring my mind on God. I find it easy to hear from Him in a solitary place like this.

Every time I go up the Peak I can see why Jesus did it. It has a way of stripping the external noise away and just making it about me and God, Him and me. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I am quiet. Sometimes I just listen for an answer.

How about you? Have you got a solitary place you go to be with God? Do you have a Peak you go to? Or another place? If not, I wonder if that will help you to draw aside like Jesus did. For me, it really calms my mind and helps me to draw near to God.