God’s fingerprints in our lives

My wife and I were talking with someone recently about how God was active in our lives as kids or teens. We didn’t know Him or go to church then, but looking back we can see His fingerprints.

I can remember in grade three at school colouring in a cross in Scripture class. I was captivated by the cross and the thought that someone would die for me. It spoke to me in a way that I didn’t fully understand. Nearly 50 years later I still remember it.

Likewise, at school my wife was fascinated by a book in the library that had Bible stories with coloured pictures. She loaned the book so often that the librarian commented to her about it. She said she liked the book so much, but she didn’t know why.

There are many other memories of how God entered our lives and gently nudged us in His direction. He brought people and situations to us to be links in the chain to find Him. It really is amazing when you reflect on it. So many things seem like co-incidences, but are actually God-incidences He orchestrated.

How about you? Can you see the fingerprints of God when you look back? I think that is worth reflecting on today.