What is Lent and why do we give things up?

When I first started going to church I heard about Lent but did not really know what it was. The churches I attended did not really talk about it much either.

More recently I have been attending a church that does talk about Lent and celebrates it each year. This year some of the blokes from our Men’s group “Who let the blokes out?” are giving some things up and we are doing some things to help us focus more in God.

Here is a really good description of Lent from a devotion I am doing…

“The basic purpose of Lent is to create space in the middle of life’s responsibilities to appreciate what’s always been there—God’s presence. Lent is a 40-day period leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Based on Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, Lent is a tool that can help you become more aware of God’s voice and His sacrificial love. Although Lent isn’t actually mentioned in the Bible, it was discussed at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD because it provided a rhythm of reflection and repentance for Christians as they entered spring—a season often associated with new beginnings.”

So what am I giving up and deciding to do? Here are my things…

I usually grab an iced coffee and maybe a snickers bar when I get fuel. I will give that up. That will be a little bit of donation money for the Lent Event that funds missions. I am going to listen to an audio book called “40 days with the Holy Spirit” by KT Kendall. It is a short audio of 5-8 minutes each day.

If you have never celebrated Lent or taken part, maybe you could try it this year? I pray that if you do, you will hear God’s voice more clearly and be reminded in a deeper way of God’s sacrificial love for you.