Showing Empathy plan

I have just finished a plan on the YouVersion Bible app called “Showing Empathy”. It reminded me that showing empathy is actually compassion in action.

Here is a snipped from day 5 of the plan…

“If you find yourself truly not grasping how to live empathetically, here are some ways to help adjust your mindset so that you can see the needs in front of you:

  • Pray daily, “God, give me Your eyes to see who’s hurting near me.”
  • When you hear that someone is going through a challenging time, imagine that you’re the one going through that. Your heart will soften, and as it does, find a way to help lessen their burden with a prayer, kind word, or selfless act.
  • Make a regular habit of just listening to people without offering any words. As they talk, seek to understand what’s happened in their past and is currently happening in their present that’s led them to where they are now.”

If you are interested, you can search for it on YouVersion and look for the image above.