Lessons from Phillip in sharing our faith

In Acts 8:26-40 we read the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. We see that Ethiopian was returning home from visiting Jerusalem to worship.

From Philip we can learn several things about sharing our faith with others.

1. Philip was obedient to God’s prompting – He was ministering in Samaria and was prompted to travel down the south road or the desert road. He did as he was asked.

2. Philip remained open to the Holy Spirit while traveling – Philip was told to go and be near the chariot that the Ethiopian Eunuch was traveling in. He did.

3. Philip listened to what the man was reading – Philip found out where the man was at. He realised he was reading Isaiah and asked if he needed help.

4. Philip told the man about Jesus – He explained that the prophecy from Isaiah was about Jesus and began to tell him all about Jesus.

5. Philip assisted the Ethiopian to be baptised – Philip assisted him to make this important step for new believers.

6. Philip continued his work elsewhere – we see that the Spirit took Philip away and he continued preaching the Gospel in all the surrounding towns.

One thing I like about this story is that Philip responded to God’s promptings all the way through. He was obedient to what he was asked to do.

I also like that he assessed where the man was at personally and assisted him with his queries about the Book of Isaiah. He then pointed him to Jesus and the way of salvation.

Sometimes as Christians we just need to listen to the Spirit’s promptings and start where the other person is at.