How do I chose what I read in the Bible

January 28th, 2020

After yesterday’s post talking about what my morning devotions look like, I thought I would share how I chose what I read when selecting the Bible passages.

First and foremost I chose passage based on prayer. I pray when I am coming to the end of a Bible reading plan or a Bible book.

I simply ask God what I need to read next. Usually within a few days I get a “gut” feeling inside of what God wants me to read next.

Sometimes it is a Bible reading plan that just includes Bible passages for each day. Sometimes it a book of the Bible that I slowly work through one heading at a time. At other times it might be the verse of the day from the Bible app and I read the text around it to get a context.

So basically I chose what I read by prayer and listening. The main thing is connecting with the Bible most days of the week.