When the uniform doesn’t fit any more

September 23rd, 2019

Now that is a strange title for a blog post – When the uniform doesn’t fit any more – but it is the best way I can describe how I am feeling at the moment.

Over the last six months I have been feeling it is the time for change. Tine to stop and re-evaluate things. I have felt the need to to take some time out and wait on God for what is next.

I have had this feeling every so often. Usually about every ten years or so. It slowly rises up and I realise it is time to stop and look at this afresh. This time there are two main areas.

1. Work – I have been working part time at my local hospital in supply for about 10 years to pay the bills and allow ministry outside of work to be funded by it. I worked on contract for most of that time, had a few breaks in between and then went back. Recently I left this job as it just felt like time. Increasingly I felt the uniform or role I was doing did not fit any more. It felt like it was time to do something else.

2. Preaching – another area which doesn’t feel like the uniform fits any more is preaching. I have been thinking a lot about my time spent preaching over the last six months. I don’t have the same desire to speak up front in church like I was once did. I have found that preparing Podcasts for my website is more fulfilling than actually speaking in church. And the fruit numbers wise 100 times more. It makes sense to shift my focus to online preaching.

For some this could be a worrying time, but for me it is a time of nervous excitement. I know it is time to stop what I have been doing, but it is not time for the next things yet. And these next things could be something completely different!?

As with all things on this journey of faith and life, time will tell. Time will tell if this is just a pitstop or if it is time for something completely different. All I know is for now, the uniform doesn’t fit anymore and it is time to wait on God.