Encouraged and discouraged at the same time

November 1st, 2017

I went to a great event last Sunday. We had our 5th Sunday combined wheatbelt Churches of Christ service. This happens every time there is a 5th Sunday in the month.

We take turns in hosting the event. Church members come from Merredin, Bruce Rock, Mukinbudin, Corrigin, Narembean, and Dowerin all attend.

The great thing about this is it allows us all to get together and hear about what is happening in each others churches and we have a great time of joint worship, teaching and fellowship.

This last weekend it was in Mukinbudin. The church in Muka is normal 50-7o people on a Sunday, but it swelled to just under 200. This is a big gathering in our smaller country towns.

I was encouraged by the great worship and a great sermon from a guest speaker. I was also encouraged by what was happening in the other churches.

However, I also felt discouraged the next day. To see that many people worshipping God in one church left me wanting more. More people in each of the churches.

We have got a great message of hope and salvation in Christ. A great message of abundant life that is being missed by many of the people in the wheatbelt.

My heart breaks to think many people do not hear about God’s love for them and they don’t take the step of trusting Christ for their salvation. It breaks my heart to think many will miss out on salvation.

But rather than let this discouragement lead to dispair, I am going to use it to fuel me to reach more people for Christ. Not only do we need more people in our churches, we need more people living in God’s Kingdom. 

This starts with you and I telling people about the love and saving message of Christ. People need to hear that God loves them, that Jesus came and died for their sin, and that salvation, forgiveness and new life is found in Jesus.

Will you join me?

God Bless,