Our plans or God’s plans

August 13th, 2017

I was reading this story recently that reminded me of my own journey with God. It talks about our plans and how they can change. It says…

“Thomas Barnado entered the London Hospital medical school in 1865, dreaming of life as a medical missionary in China. Barnado soon discovered a desperate need in his own front yard—the many homeless children living and dying on the streets of London. Barnado determined to do something about this horrendous situation. Developing homes for destitute children in London’s east end, Barnado rescued some 60,000 boys and girls from poverty and possible early death.”

Often in life we move forward with a good plan. We think it is God’s will for us, only to find as soon as we start moving forward, something else grabs our hearts.

In the story above Tomas Barnado had his goal, but it seems God interupted and gave him a heart for young people in need. And he made a huge impact.

I can relate a lot to this. When I started Bible college in the early 90s my heart was set on being a high school chaplain. But as time went on it became clear that God had other things for me to do.

From this experience I found that if we are looking to serve God in some form of ministry, we need to keep our plans before God and allow Him to adjust our course.

Like Thomas in the story above, and my own experience, God might have something different for you to do. Something even better where you can make a huge impact!

God Bless,