August 6th, 2017

I have been on holidays this past week.  I had last weekend off and I am off today. It has been a really relaxing and refreshing time and has seemed much longer than a week.

For some a holiday is sitting on the beach in some exotic location like in the picture above. For me it is about taking a break from the routine and often means being at home more.

I tend to do jobs around the house, exercise a bit more, pray more, ride my motorbike more and just chill out. These things are a break from the routine for me.

As someone who is more introverted than extroverted I tend to spend more time alone on my holidays. I spend a lot of time with people in my role (which I love), so spending alone time allows me to order my thoughts.

A holiday gives me a chance to review things that have happened in the last year and also plan ahead. As someone who likes to set goals a holiday allows me to do that too.

However you like to spend your holidays I think it is important to know how you tick and what gives you a break from the routine. If it is relaxing on a beach with a book, great. If it is being at home more and introverting, that is great too.

Anyway, that is enough of writing, back to my homidays, oops holidays!

God Bless,


PS. Homidays was a typo, I think I might have invented a new word for holidays where you stay at home!