July 4th, 2017

I saw this description of leadership today using the letters. I think all of these things are good, but at times some would be more important than others.

  • L – Listening
  • E – Encouragement
  • A – Authenticity
  • D – Daring
  • E – Expectancy
  • R – Respect
  • S – Service
  • H – Hope
  • I – Inspiration
  • P – Perseverance

There are times we need to be authentic and share our struggles. Times when we need to be daring when taking on a building program.  Times  when we need to persevere and push through.

I think as Pastors and leaders we always need to listen, encourage, respect, serve and provide hope and inspiration. They are key parts of what Jesus wants us to do.

God Bless,