Pastors and downtime

May 20th, 2017


One of the things I think is important for Pastors to have is downtime. We need time away to relax and enjoy hobbies.

All of us need downtime and time to relax. But I think it is especially important for Pastors as we spend a lot of our weeks with people who are going through things.

For me I have three things I do during each week that help me to relax and take my mind off things. For me this is especially important as I can tend to work too much!

These are my downtime pursuits…

  1. Weights – I do weights four times a week, every week. This helps me to keep fit, toned and improving my health.
  2. Golf – I usually play golf on Monday by myself. This helps me to get out and enjoy a nice walk while hitting some balls in between strolls.
  3. Motorbike – I love to get out and ride my cruiser at least once a week. It gives me a sense of freedom and enjoyment.

All of these things are both relaxing and take a lot of concentration. You don’t want to lift weights, hit a golf ball or ride a motorbike and not concentrate!

Having things I really need to focus on make sure I take my mind off work. As I said I can work too hard so this is important for me.

What sort of things do you do for downtime?

God Bless,


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