Finding sermon ideas

March 3rd, 2017

One of the things you think (read as earnestly pray!) about during your Bible college training is finding ideas to preach about when you get a job as a Pastor.

You know God is with you and He will guide you in what He wants said to His church, but there are times when you wonder how you are going to come up with 40 plus sermons each year.

Two things have helped me during this process of thinking it through.

1. Ask God what He wants you to say 

This may sound simple, but it is always the starting point. It is God’s church and you are speaking to God’s people and He wants to speak to them. 

We are doing a spiritual work when we preach and we need God’s help in both the deciding on what to speak about, in the preparation and in the delivery.

If we start with the foundation that God wants to speak to His people, we put ourselves in the right place to hear from God and then do what He wants.

2. Have a flexible preaching plan

As I said in a previous post, in January I sought God for some series of messages for the year. He said a series on 1 John, James and Great prayers of the Bible. These will be spread over the year.

In saying this though I think we need to be flexible to hear from God at any time and bring the message He wants each week. Last year in the middle of a series He asked me to speak on the Trinity. As it turned out it was a timely message.

Having a preaching plan for the year is vital. It saves you a lot of time (and lets be honest stress) with coming up with ideas each week. But it needs to be flexible enough to allow God to speak a message in season.

These two things have really helped me in the last six months in my role as Pastor of a small country church.

God Bless,