Why did you choose this church?

January 16th, 2017

I read an interesting article on OutReachMagazine.com today. I thought I would share it because the first three points spoke to me. They are things we can have a big say in as Pastors and leaders of our churches.

Here are the first three points. You can read the rest here

“Why did you choose to come to this church?”

I ask the question hundreds of times each year, especially to people who joined a church within the past year.

Now we have new research that gives us specific reasons why people decide on a particular church. I am grateful to Pew Research for their massive study on the behavioral patterns of members and guests.

In their most recent study, the respondents noted seven key reasons for choosing a church. They were allowed to offer more than one reason. Here are the top seven responses:

1. Quality of Sermons (83%)

The primacy of the pulpit is the No. 1 factor for those looking for a church home. These results are very similar to my research published in the book Surprising Insights from the Unchurched 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the demands on many pastors make it difficult for them to put the time they need in sermon preparation.

2. Feeling Welcomed by Leaders (79%)

It is so important for pastors and staff to take the lead in welcoming guests. No, they are not supposed to do all the welcoming, but their role has a huge impact.

3. Style of Services (74%)

I would love to be able to unpack this response a bit more. One thing, however, is clear. People are still choosing churches by the styles of worship of the congregations. The numbers are overwhelming. Three out of 4 church seekers say worship style is a factor for the church they choose.