New Pastoral role update

October 29th, 2016

Three months ago I started an Interim Pastoral role at Bruce Rock Church of Christ 2.5 days per week. Three months on I am really happy with how things have gone.

Before I began I was hoping to do the following

In the next three to four months I am hoping to bless the church through preaching, visiting the members, praying for them daily, building a website and setting up a Facebook page.

I am also hoping to join with the church members and get involved in their current outreach they do in the town. My heart is to bless the church and also the local community.

The other day I did a three month report of the things I had been doing for the Elders. I thought I would fill them in and keep them updated. Some of the things included were…

  1. Preached 9 sermons – a series on being a living sacrifice and a few messages on a series on great words of the gospel.
  2. Visited over half of the members in their homes for a getting to know you visit.
  3. Set up a website and Facebook page. The website has had over 3000 visitors already.
  4. Set up an Over 12s Bible study group. Talking about life, school, the previous sermon, and a discipleship Bible study each week.
  5. Joined a KYB Bible study group. Currently working through Ephesians.
  6. Praying regularly for each of the members by working through the church member list.
  7. Started helping with CRE / Scripture classes at the local school once per week.
  8. Set up a food parcel ministry for those in need.
  9. Played golf with some of the men on a regular basis.

Overall it has been a great experience. I have loved every minute of it. If it were up to me I would continue on in the role.

However, the most important thing is we all seek God and see what He wants. Because what God needs for the church and town is the most important thing.

God Bless,

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