Living sacrifice sermon series

September 28th, 2016

Hello all,

I have put all the sermons together in a booklet titled, “The living sacrifice series”. It is a collection of the first six sermons from my role at Bruce Rock Church of Christ that I have just completed.

The theme of these sermons is Being a Living Sacrifice for God and focuses on Romans 12. The sermon titles include:

  1. Five things to help us be a living sacrifice
  2. Transformed or conformed
  3. 10 things God says about you in the Bible
  4. Born and equipped for a time such as this
  5. A greater love
  6. A greater perspective

The idea behind these messages is to encourage us to live our lives in God’s service; to renew our minds to line our thinking up with Kingdom thinking; to understand who we are in Christ; to live our lives by loving others the way Jesus loved; and ensuring we are not overcome by the evil things that happen in the world around us.

I hope and pray these messages are a blessing and encouragement to you. You can download them all in PDF format by clicking on this link.

God Bless,