What defines a big church?

September 24th, 2016

I was thinking about what defines a big church today and what would be considered a big church in Bruce Rock. The population of the last census for Bruce Rock is just over 500 people.

Looking at our church list we have about 50 people on it. These are people who have been connected to the church over the last few years and still connect with members of the church.

Of this my best guess is that 38 are regular in that they come if they are in town or not away due to illness. They attend at least a couple of times per month on a Sunday.

That means that Bruce Rock Church of Christ has about 7.6 per cent of the town are connected to our church. That means in our context we are probably a big church!

If we put the numbers aside for a moment and look at other aspects of the church we are also a big church in the area of love, personal  growth, friendship and community presence. We are making a big difference.

So what defines a big church in a small town? Numbers wise we would tick that box, but also in the areas of love, friendship and community presence too.

Go Bruce Rock Church of Christ, keep up the great work. You are awesome!

God Bless,

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