Country church youth groups

July 16th, 2016

When you live in a small country town it is important to be a part of the community. There are lots of groups which help you to do this. They range from gardening and craft groups through to sporting clubs like tennis, footy and darts.

In Merredin one of the key groups for young people is the church youth group. Teenagers from the churches and the local school attend most Friday nights. Like any group there are core people who go each week and others who float in and out.

Our church youth group allows the kids to meet together, play games, be encouraged, make friendships and hear positive messages about faith and life. It is a place where they can feel safe, have fun and have people who care for them.

Another key part of country town church youth groups are the camps. Two that I have been impressed with are the State Youth Games in Bunbury and our Perth Winter Camp.

The first one was about sport and competing against other churches and the winter camp is about allowing the kids to do things we don’t have in Merredin. They go ice skating, go trampolining, go to the movies, ten pin bowling and more.

Not only do the kids get to things we don’t have in Merredin, but they get to be encouraged and bond with each other. All of which are super important in a country town.

I am so glad we have a church youth group that is so good for our young people in town. The youth leaders are all in their 20s and are passionate about our youth. They genuinely love and care for all the kids and want what is best for them.

Our church youth group is a vital part of our town. We need to encourage and pray for the leaders and support them in their work.

God Bless,

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