Knowing how much you can help

June 15th, 2016

One thing I think it is important is to know is how you can help in a counseling situation. I am trained in Pastoral Care, but I have not done a degree in Counseling. So I am conscious to know the limits of what I can do.

Some of the the things I try to do are…

  1. Listen – I can listen to the person’s story/struggle.
  2. Bible – I can encourage them from the Bible.
  3. Pray – I can pray for the person and their situation.
  4. Encourage – I can offer general encouragement.
  5. Walk – I can walk with them and check in on how they are going.

Most things that people talk to me about are able to be helped with these five things. If things are more in-depth I can refer them to a counselor who can take then through a more detailed process of counseling.

For me it is about knowing how much I can help and knowing when it is time to refer people on to a person who is a professional counselor. And the key to knowing is prayer.

God Bless,