Meditating on the Bible & being a disciple

June 13th, 2016

I had this thought today as part of my devotions…

“Just as reading the Bible and meditating on the Bible are two different things, so is being a Christian and being a true disciple of Christ”.

As I thought I realized we can read chapters of the Bible and tick it off our Bible reading plan, but never really think about what we have read or tried to apply it to our lives.

The same goes for being a Christian. I can call myself a Christian because I have a belief in Christ, but being a true disciple is more about learning and growing in Christ and putting it into practice as we follow Him.

Reading the Bible and being a nominal Christian are two very different things to mining the Scriptures for truth and wholeheartedly following Christ.

Just after I had this thought I read that many Christians today don’t think going to church and reading their Bible are important to being a Christian.

It makes it virtually impossible to be a true follower of Christ if you don’t read your Bible or go to church regularly. Some would say it is impossible.

Being a disciple of Jesus is about committing to a way of life and of learning and growth. It goes past just believing in something and reading the Bible, it is more about learning to follow and heading in a new direction full steam ahead.

God Bless,