Finding your purpose with others

June 8th, 2016

Here is another thought from the 40 Days of Community devotion. This one comes from day 35 on page 149…

” It is a paradox of our faith that we find our unique and specific purpose in life only after we yield our individualism for the good of many. We become one heart and mind with God and with other believers (John 17:21-22), and in the safety of that community, our true value as individuals with emerge.”

As someone who is naturally a loner I have found this to be true. When I put off my loner tendencies and committed to community life I found a sense of unique purpose and ability.

I also found that mature believers helped me to recognize my gifts and talents. This has opened up opportunities to serve God by serving others in ways that I did not know about beforehand.

For example, I was scared of public speaking. On one occasion I thought I would have to die before making a speech at a wedding! Now through the help of others I have learned that I can preach. This would not have happened if I let my loner tendencies win out.

All of us have gifts, talents and abilities hiding away inside of us. It is only in community that these are drawn out and can be used and developed for the good of others.

I would encourage you to find a local group of believers you can commit to journey with so you can find your unique purpose in life too.

God Bless,


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