Closing doors to open new ones

April 4th, 2016

At times in my Christian walk I have had God open a new door or a new opportunity when I was still doing my previous role. One time I had a long term job in government and He opened up a Pastoral role in a church.  So I resigned to take up the ministry role.

At other times I felt God said to me it is time to leave this job and wait for the next opportunity or door to open. I trusted Him and in time He revealed what was next. Sometimes it was another role and sometimes it was more study. It always worked out and made sense looking backwards.

Several months ago I felt God ask me to close the door on my current job. I had been working part time at our local hospital on and off for six years in a purchasing/supply role. It was a good job that paid the bills and allowed me to be a volunteer in my ministry involvements. I was bi-vocational in a sense.

Well today is the first day off. I finished my job last Friday and today I handed in my last time sheet and ID. In a worldly sense I am unemployed. In a Kingdom sense I am available and awaiting orders from the King. For me this is a great place to be.

So what are my plans? Well my wife and I think I need to take a month off to pray and seek God. From experience I know He will open the next door when it is time. My job is to do what He asks in the meantime and be obedient when He opens up the next role for me.

So do I have any idea what it may be? It could be anything? It might be a Pastoral role in a church, a Chaplaincy role, an itinerant role with my ministry or another Bi-vocational role. Time will tell.

God Bless,

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