God’s will and orienteering

January 27th, 2016

When I was in primary school I went on a school camp and we learned orienteering. I really enjoyed it as we got to learn how to use a compass, plan a course and find the next clues in the series one by one. And most of the time we made it home safely!

I was thinking about this experience recently and I realised how finding God’s will is a bit like orienteering at times. We often know the first clue to get to the first destination, then once we arrive, we stay for a while and then search for the next clue.

Sometimes it is easy to find the next clue and sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it feel like you may have made a mistake and are at the wrong location and other times you know you are in the right place, but it will just take time to find the next directions.

For me God’s will is a bit like orienteering at times, but I know He has all the co-ordinates and He is in control. I just need to trust and obey when He speaks. After all, He is my compass and my course.

God Bless,

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