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The church is just after my money

October 31st, 2015

I was talking to a friend recently and he asked why the church took up a collection of money during each church service. He said it felt like the church was just after his money. Many people think this is the case, but in reality nothing can be further from the truth. The role of […]

Serving Jesus out of our love

October 24th, 2015

Today I was reading and reflecting on John 21:15-17. It is the passage where Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves Him. It says… 15  After breakfast Jesus asked Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love Me more than these? ” “Yes, Lord,” Peter replied, “You know I love You.” “Then feed […]

God hears your prayers

October 21st, 2015

I was talking to someone recently and they said they felt like their prayers were bouncing off the ceiling. They felt that God did not seem to be listening or answering their prayers. They were going through a hard time and were feeling a bit spiritually dry. So I prayed for them and encouraged them […]

A prayer to be used by God

October 20th, 2015

I am watching the “Live before you die” series by Daniel Kolenda at the moment. At the start of each program he asks those watching to pray a prayer to be used by God. Today I thought I would share it… maybe you could pray it too? Heavenly Father, I present myself to You today […]

Prayer request page

October 16th, 2015

We have added a prayer request page to our website today. If you have a prayer need, you can send it through to us. You can find the page here. As a team we will meet together once a week and pray for the prayer requests we receive. God Bless, Dave