Disconnect fully, to reconnect fully

September 13th, 2015

Sometimes our home internet connection gets slow and downloads seem to take forever. On some ocassions it gets so slow that we have to ring our internet service provider to see if there is a problem.

The advice we get is to disconnect the modem from the power line and to disconnect the cable from the phone line too. They ask us to leave it that way for at least a minute and then plug it all back in again.

Doing this gives the line a chance to reset so it works more efficiently. It gets rid of all the excess noise on the line and downloads are fast again.

The same goes for us as Christians. We need to reguarly disconnect and let our line reset too. Busyness crowds in and our minds become like a freeway in peak hour traffic. It gets overloaded.

Today why not take some time out to “reset your line”. Draw aside to a quiet place to take some time with God to relax and order your thoughts.

Like our home internet connection, it will help you to be more efficient and connected again.

God Bless,

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