Encouraging your spouse

September 2nd, 2015

One thing my amazing wife has just started doing is email encouragement to me. She didn’t tell me about it first, she just started doing it.

The email starts out with “Hi Dave” and it has two positive encouraging things in it. Its says…

  1. One thing you did lately that I appreciate…
  2. One moment I felt extra positive about you was…

Now I am not going to share what she said as that was personal. But in the two emails I have received I have been really encouraged.

What makes it more special is that she is noticing the things I do that mostly go un-noticed. The big things and the little things.

Both of these emails are going straight to my ongoing encouragement folder. I keep all positive feedback in a folder to read through when I need encouragement.

I am sharing this as it may be something you can do with your spouse too. It has blessed me.

God Bless,