Resources for new Christians

August 19th, 2015

I often get emails from people who have become new Christians either via my website or with someone they know. Often they ask for resources to be sent to them to help them grow in their faith.

I always try to forward free resources on to them and give them some links to websites that will help. Here are a few that I pass on.

  1. BibleGateway – a free online Bible with other resources
  2. – a place where you can do free courses on the Bible, ministry and first steps as a Christian
  3. 10 Basic Steps – an online discipleship program by CRU
  4. New Beginnings – our free discipleship booklet. I send a PDF copy.
  5. Our Daily Bread – Daily Bible devotion online

Everyone is different. Some might just want to read the Bible, while others might want to do a structured course. That is why I offer a few resources to help.

What would you offer if someone contacted you via email for help?

God Bless,