Finding encouragement for yourself

July 31st, 2015

The Bible tells us to encourage each other in a number of places. It says we need to build each other up in our most holy faith and to inspire each other on to love and good deeds.

One thing I have found over the years is I need to encourage myself too. I need to seek things out that encourage me. I need to take on the task of encouraging myself and not just rely on others to give me a lift.

So what do I do to encourage myself?

1. I read the Bible to fill myself with God’s life giving words
2. I read biographies of famous preachers and revivalists
3. I watch sermons or TV shows that are encouraging
4. I read blogs of people who inspire and challenge me
5. I read about people who have overcome a lot to do what they are doing
6. I read about people who are making a real difference in the world

All of us go through times where we need encouraging. The world has a way of dragging us down if we let it. Our task is to seek out encouragement ourselves to keep us moving forward in God.

How about you? What do you do that encourages you?

God Bless,

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