Too busy?

July 26th, 2015

A lot of people I talk to are running from one thing to another. They don’t ever seem to stop. I find there are three main reasons why people are too busy.

1. They really want to be busy – being busy makes us feel important and needed. Some people feel good when they run around doing lots of things as it makes them feel useful and they love to tell you how busy they are.

2. They are avoiding other things – when you are busy you don’t have time for things that need doing. You can avoid family responsibilities, social responsibilities or personal spiritual issues that need dealing with.

3. They can’t say no – no is a very important word. We need to learn to say no more often. We can’t keep saying yes and cramming more in when we are already too busy.

So if these are three reasons why people are so busy, what are some of the remedies?

Firstly, you can find your significance in Christ. You are special, important and needed because of who you are in Christ. When you know this you can slow down and just rest in who you really are. Striving and rushing around gradually disappears.

Secondly, ask do I really need to be doing this now or are there other pressing things or issues that can be done instead? Maybe it would be better saying no to the appointment and taking your wife and kids for a walk to get ice cream. Or is there a personal issue that I should talk to God about.

Lastly, learn to say no. Often we do things because of others expectations or the desire to people please. When you decided to not be afraid of men and fear God, then saying no becomes a lot easier. When we ask God if we should say yes or no, our schedule has a lot more time free for relaxing and the things God wants us to do.

Hopefully if you are too busy, these suggestions will help. Feel free to pass them on to others you know who are always too busy also.

Remember, Jesus set His schedule according to the Father’s will and He also knew that He needed to draw aside to pray or recharge physically!

God Bless,