One of the best prophetic words

July 22nd, 2015

One of the best prophetic words I have received from a recognised prophet is one that talked about money.

My wife and I were just engaged and only our parents knew. The person called us out of a big crowd and prophesied over us.

She said that we would never have to worry about money. That God would always provide and we would always have enough.

Now as someone who had just not long proposed that was a great comfort. I was a bit worried about money.

Hearing these words gave me a peace that it would all be ok. It helped me to know God had things in control.

These words also allowed us to be more Kingdom focused with our money. Instead of storing up for ourselves we were able to be generous.

I have found that as we have given away money to support God’s Kingdom, money has flowed back to us.  It has been amazing.

We have given away cars to people who needed them more than we did. God gave us two back. There are too many stories to list here.

It all started with that prophetic word God gave us through that person over 20 years ago. God’s words helped us to be generous.

God Bless,

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