Seasons of friendship and change

July 6th, 2015

One of the things God has blessed me with over the years is friends. Good friends that you do things with, you talk with, you pray with and you go through good and bad times together. They become a regular part of your life and you rely on each other.

One thing I have noticed though is there is also seasons of friendship and seasons of change in the relationship. Friends that I have had in school, through my teens and early twenties, church friends, sporting friends and work friends are often there for a period of time and then the season changes.

Some friends have levels of closeness and intimacy for a while and then you seem to go back to just being acquaintances almost. You might have walked and talked and prayed together, but that season is finished. You helped each other a lot to grow but it is almost like once the growth happens the closeness of friendship almost moves on.

I find it hard when this happens. I know the season is over, but I always find it hard to express it to the other person. How do you say to someone that what we had in the past is not going to be like that in the future? That season is finished.

I also find it hard to say that I am doing the things we once did with someone else. I guess like most people I don’t like hurting others. I would rather pray about it and them recognise the signs and let it go.

So what do you do when a season in your friendship changes? Do you speak to the person and let them know how you feel? Or do you let things drift until it becomes obvious? It is a hard one.

God Bless,

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