Visiting your old church

June 22nd, 2015

On the weekend we made a special trip to Perth to visit our old church. It is the one we attended for most of the time after we got married to when we left Perth for Merredin (we had a few short breaks at other churches in between).

It was good to go back and see the church that I first committed to attend each week, helped with youth group, lead communion, did outreach for, preached my first sermon, first tithed to, was healed by God at and was part of the prayer team. In many ways this church taught me what it was to be a committed Christian.

It had been nearly eight years since we had been as a family. Things had changed and grown, but in many ways it was still the same. They still loved God, had a heart for worship, the Word and prayer and they were heavily involved in local and overseas mission.

When we first attended the church it was in the process of being sold to move to a new area where there was nearly schools opening up. We met in a local school as stage one got built. It was very exciting when it finally opened. Now stage two and renovations have been done!

It was also good to see growth in people who had taken on roles we used to do. Young children when we left where now youth leaders. And others had obviously grown in their faith.

It was really nice to visit our old church and catch up again. It was also good to see that it had become much of what we hoped and prayed for all those years ago.

God Bless,