Let it go

May 10th, 2015

Sometimes in life we hold on to grudges or hold on to hurts. People have done or said things to us that have upset us and we are aggrieved. Sometimes they were just not there for us when we needed them.

There comes a time though when we just have to let things go. People may apologise or they may not. People may realise they have done something or not. But we have to let it go, get over it and move on.

Over the years I have had times when people have hurt me or said things that I didn’t agree with. Some people have really let me down or annoyed me many times or not really listened when I needed a listening ear.

But rather than choose to stew these things over and hold things in my heart and mind against others I have chosen to let them go.

I have found that if I hold on to some things that people may have said, especially friends, then I might miss out on all the blessings of knowing them has brought.

I have one example of a mentor who said something to me  for my growth. I was upset and I held a bitter spot for a long time. I couldn’t see past all hurt and I forgot all the great sermons he had preached, all the prayers he had prayed for me, all the prophetic words and all mentoring he had given me.

My hurt from one thing blinded me to all the rest of the many blessings. When I let it go I was able to see all the blessed times we had shared together afresh and I was thankful for him again.

So if you are holding on to something today, I would encourage you to just let it go. Give it to God in prayer and ask Him to lift it off you. Don’t carry it around on your back and let it weigh you down. Just let it go.

God Bless,