Human and Divine strength

March 29th, 2015

I was doing some research on the idea of strength recently. I was looking at the idea of human strength, God’s strength and the strength God gives us.

I came across the following three definitions in some of my Bible software the Dictionary of Biblical Themes.

Divine strength

The strength of God is made known in creation and redemption and in his empowering of believers to live faithfully.

Human strength

All human strength derives from God. Among non-believers, strength may become a source of arrogant self-confidence, the oppression of others or rebellion against God.

Spiritual strength

In contrast to human strength, God is the source and supplier of all spiritual strength through which believers can do all that God asks.

I really like the flow of these three definitions. It reminded me that…

  1. God is all powerful and the source of all strength.
  2. As humans we receive strength from God, but we don’t always acknowledge Him or use it well.
  3. Strength is always best when it is received from God, acknowledged and used for God’s purposes.

God Bless,