One of my favourite chapters of the Bible

February 10th, 2015

2 Corinthians 5 would have to be one of my favourite chapters of the Bible. In the NLT it has two main headings – New Bodies and We are God’s Ambassadors.

Verses 1-10 talks about the new bodies we will receive when we go to be with the Lord. And verses 11-21 are about the ambassadorial role we have now.

I like the hope aspect of the first section. It helps me to look forward to heaven with an expectant hope and excitement. Like Paul, some days I long to go and be with the Lord and have my heavenly body with no aches, pains and struggles, but I know it is not time yet.

I also like the mission aspect we have in the second section too. It is not time to go and be with the Lord yet because we have work to do now. We are God’s ambassadors doing His work while we are here. We are given the task of reconciling people to Him (v18).

The hope and mission aspects of this chapter helps to keep me on track in life. If I am down and feeling sorry for myself, I have a heavenly hope of being with the Lord. If I feel directionless I can come back to the call of being His heavenly ambassador.

This chapter has always been one of my favourites. Many times God has spoken to me through it and many times He has subtly reminded of the things I have to do. It is a great chapter.

How about you? Have you got a favourite chapter of the Bible?

God Bless,