What I miss about traditional Sunday church

February 8th, 2015

It has nearly been a year since I have attended a traditional Sunday morning church service. And about 18 months since I have attended each week.

In the last week I have been thinking about the things I have missed. In my quieter moments I guess there are two things that I sometimes miss – corporate worship and communion.

I sometimes miss being a with a group of 30-40 people who are just focussed on God and worshipping Him through music and singing together. I miss those times when you get lost in worship and God’s presence is very strong with you all.

To a lesser degree I sometimes miss having communion (bread and juice) with others. For me communion in a personal time of reflection and remembering what Christ has done, but I also enjoyed taking it with a larger group that share your faith.

In the last year I have done both of these things with my family or a small group of people. It has been much smaller, more relaxed/informal and more suited to where I am in my faith. But occasionally I miss the larger versions of both.

God Bless,

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