Prayer goes before the outreach

February 7th, 2015

I have really been thinking about the story in my last post that talked about praying for people before reaching out to them and the dramatic difference it makes.

It reminded me of our own experience with this a number of years ago. We used to give away the Jesus video door to door in our local area in Perth.

We would pray together and alone and ask God for the street to visit. Once a few of us got the same street we would pray for the people each day for a couple of weeks. We asked God to move in their lives and draw them to Himself.

During the week we would drop pamphlets in the letter boxes saying we would be coming to offer a free Jesus video on the following Saturday. We said we were from the local churches and it was a free gift.

On the Saturday we would pray again and then go out. We went knowing God had people in the street He wanted to reach as He gave us the street. We also had people at home praying for us.

I remember how often people opened doors to us and said they were expecting us and were thankful for us coming. Of course some were not interested, but about 1 in 3 homes were. Our stats overall showed – 1 took the video, 1 not home, 1 not interested.

Over the course of about 12 months we gave away more than 400 videos. With people saying they watched the video and some showed it to family, friends and workmates.

We will never know how many people these came to know Jesus personally, but I am guessing quite a few. It turned out to be a simple, but effective outreach.

A key to this success was asking God which street to go to, praying the families and then being available to do the delivering. In our case prayer definitely went before the outreach!

If you would like to watch the Jesus film on our website, you can click here.

God Bless,