The Believer’s Authority book

November 25th, 2014

I am reading an interesting book at the moment called “The Believer’s Authority” by Kenneth Hagin. It was loaned to me by a friend, but I am going to buy a copy to have in our home library.

As I read I am finding I have read most of it before in different places and I have studied much of its teachings at Bible college and church. I have also preached a number of sermons on the topics. So not much is new to me.

The thing I like about the book is it contains a lot of the teachings I have learned in one place. I have learned these things and accumulated them over years of reading and study, but I find it good to be able to brush up on the topic in this book.

Some of the chapter headings give you a good idea what to expect as you read. Chapter 3, 6, and 8 have especially spoken to me afresh.

  • Chapter 1 – The prayers of Paul
  • Chapter 2 – What is authority?
  • Chapter 3 – Seated with Christ
  • Chapter 4 – Break the power of the devil
  • Chapter 5 – Exercising authority
  • Chapter 6 – Risen with Christ
  • Chapter 7 – The weapons of our warfare
  • Chapter 8 – Authority of demon spirits, not human wills.

I am reading the legacy edition so there are a few sermons in the second half of the book. If you are not sure of the authority you have in Christ I would encourage you to read it.

God Bless,