Good friends, good questions and good relationships

November 20th, 2014

I just read the following tweet from @FloydMcClung: Good friends ask you questions about your heart, your God & your relationships… and movies, music, sports & good books, too!

I really like this thought. Good friends want to know about your heart and where it is with God. They also want to know about the everyday stuff too.

In the past I have got too caught up in peoples walk with God only. I have forgotten about the whole person and the other things in their life.

It is when we hear about what people enjoy, how their family is going, how work is going, what they are reading, the good movies they have seen lately, that we get to know the whole person.

I think when we ask more questions about the whole life of a person is when real friendship begins. It is less about “ministry” and more about relationship.

I want to be less like Moses coming down from the mountain with something, to more like Jesus who spent time on the mountain praying, but also walked and talked and ate with people.

This is something I am working on. I trying intentionally to develop honest two way mutual relationships. Ones where I am known and I really know others too.

God Bless,